Fresh Express Salad New Recall

Fresh Express Salad New Recall – Fresh Express, who make bagged salads, have announced yet another recall, the third in a three month period related to microorganisms found in their food.

This latest incident involves a positive test for Listeria in bags of Veggie Lover’s salads. It follows two other cases, one of e coli and one of salmonella, a bad triple hitter to have for something as potentially dangerous as food contamination.

However, they also say that there have been no reports of illnesses, and ask that anyone buying the products look to make sure they do not have the product code l208, or the expiration date Aug. 10.

If you have a Veggie Lover’s pack with that data, you are asked to immediately throw it away without opening it.

“At this point in time and based on available information, we have no reason to conclude this is anything other than an isolated incident, but we will continue to mount a full investigation until all facts are known,” Chiquita, the owner of Fresh Express, said in an official statement.

“Recently, we experienced two similar situations in which a random sample test of one package of salad yielded a positive result for a microorganism.

In each case we pursued an aggressive investigation as did regulatory officials and in each instance, regulators found no evidence indicating a larger food safety event beyond the isolated test result. However, we take any incident seriously and food safety remains our highest priority.”

You can contact the company directly with questions at (800) 242-5472.

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