German Pop Singer from No Angels Nadja Benaissa Hiv Spread Trial

German Pop starlet Nadja Benaissa, who is from the group “No Angels” has shown herself to be no angel, facing court over claims she infected another man with HIV, the virus which is know to lead to AIDS.

Speaking in court, the 28 year old spoke about how she was “sorry with all her heart”, and admitted to being careless in not telling others about her condition.

She is facing five charges of attempted grievous bodily harm for sleeping with the men without protection, she also failed to make the men aware of her condition. One of the men ended up contracting HIV, which it is being argued that it is possible the victim received the virus from someone other than Benaissa.

Through her own ignorance, she believed that there was almost no chance for her to pass on the virus.

“Therefore I also concealed the fact that I was infected to my acquaintances. I did not want my daughter to be branded by this.

“I told the band members because I trusted them. I never made it public because I thought that would mean the end of the band.”

The pop starlet may possibly be showing how some in society feel about such a virus, and the ignorance that is still there, despite the education available on the HIV and AIDS viruses.

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