Grandmother Finds Source Of Headaches: Bullet In Brain

A grandmother in China has discovered the bizarre cause of her 63-year headache: a bullet in her brain.

The 77-year-old finally went to see a doctor after suffering persistent headaches since she was a child.

Doctors at Shuyang Leniency Hospital sent Jin Guangying for an x-ray to find out the cause.

“We were surprised to learn there was a bullet inside her head,” her son, Wang Zhengbang, told the Yangtse Evening Post.

Guangying from Shuyang, Jiangsu province, China, recalled she was shot in 1943 during World War II by the invading Japanese army when she was taking supplies to her father who was a guerrilla fighting against them.

“I was spotted by the Japanese army. They ran after me and opened fire. A bullet passed through the corner of my right ear. I hit the ground and lost consciousness.”

After a course of herbal treatment from Jin’s mother, the wound was forgotten until surgeons plucked the rusty bullet from her brain last week.

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