Happy Meal Toys Ban In San Francisco

Happy Meal Toys Ban In San Francisco – In a controversial fight against Infant obesity San Francisco has banned McDonald’s from giving away toys with their Happy Meals.

The rate of childhood obesity in San Francisco is so high that it has prompted the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to ban the toys offered in children’s menus by a vote of 8 to 3 during Tuesday’s election.

Eric Mar who introduced the bill after realizing his daughter’s great love for McDonald’s children’s menu which are accompanied by toys said his goal is to promote healthy eating.

Mar explained that he is not trying to punish the world’s largest restaurant chain,, he simply hopes that his measure will help with the fight against childhood obesity that is rising in California.His decision came after Silicon Valley passed a similar bill in April of 2010.

Parents who support the piece of legislation say the company is luring kids to their fatty and salty burgers and fries by offering a toy.

However McDonald’s which has attempted to change its image by revealing the number of calories in their meals and by offering salads is calling the bill misguided.

Danya Proud, a spokeswoman for the company said in a statement that they were very disappointed by the vote and added:

“It’s not what our customers want.Nor is it something they asked for.”

If Mayor Gavin Newsom’s does not veto the bill (but it appears that he will) it will go into effect in December of 2011, and only eateries offering children’s menus containing less than 600 calories will be allowed to offer a free toy with the meal.

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