Health Care Reform Provision Is Unconstitutional: Virginia Judge Henry Hudson

Judge Henry Hudson of Virginia recently decided in a ruling that President Obama’s healthcare policy is unconstitutional. The judge stated that because the legislation requires people to get healthcare or pay a fine, it goes against the very nature of the constitution.

The measure was signed into law last March and since then there have been a number of republicans who have come out against it. Representative Eric Cantor said that no Americans should be forced to get health insurance at the risk of paying a fine for failing to do so.

Although many of the provisions for the law do not take effect until 2014, there are still some that are actively in place.

One of the provisions includes keeping full time college students on their parent’s health plans until they reach the age of 26 as well as preventing any insurance company from denying coverage to someone who is in failing health. The landmark healthcare overhaul has garnered an equal amount of support and opposition from both sides of the political spectrum from those who feel strongly about the issue. The one aspect most people disagree on is the provision requiring Americans to have healthcare or pay a fine.

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