Health Inspector Shuts Down Kids Lemonade Stand

Think your kid is safe running a lemonade stand for a little extra pocket money? They might be, if they don’t live in Oregon.

A 7-year-old girl was running a small stand selling Koolaid lemonade outside of a county fair, where she hoped the high turnout for the event would give her enough to boost her allowance.

But a Multnomah County health inspector was present to inspect the other venues, and he told little Julia Murphy she would have to move on.

According to her mother, the little girl had seen an episode of the popular kid’s show ‘Olivia’, where the pig opened up her own lemonade stand to make some money during the summer. It is a common theme that all of us in the States probably did as children.

But the health inspector said that she would have to get a license if she was planning on selling anything that could be consumed, a $120 cost, and a ridiculous requirement for a child’s lemonade stand.

He also said that if she were to refuse and continue selling, she would face a $500 fine.

County Chairman Jeff Cogan ended up receiving a complaint about the shut down, and said that he agreed that it had been an unnecessary measure.

“This isn’t something we need to be using our limited resources to crack down on,” he said, pointing out that inspectors are supposed to use their professional knowledge to decide when a shut down was really necessary.

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