Histrionic Personality Disorder

Personality disorders are very common in the world today. With more study, more personalities types are identified, and the disorders within them can be categorized. Histrionic personality disorder is classified by a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention seeking behavior.

These individual might need excessive approval from peers, and be very awkward when hitting on the opposite sexy. The earliest signs of the disorder show up in early adulthood. Often times these individuals are lively, dramatic and even flirtatious.

The person may be over the top with their provocativeness, and go out of their way to seek approval from the opposite sex. They may wear clothes on a regular basis that show too much skin, or even have an impressionistic style. Sometimes, individuals with Histrionic personality disorder might be easily influenced by the people around them, in hopes of appeasing them.

People with the disorder are often able to function normally, and may even life a successful life. They usually have good social skills, and use these skills to manipulate others to allow themselves to become the focus of every conversation, and the center of attention.

Their romantic relationships may suffer because they make everything about themselves, and do not have the ability to cope with loss.

Often times these people do not possess the ability to feel genuine empathy. Most of their relationships will start off great, but when a greater commitment is involved, things tend to go sour. They often will seek approval, and are hyper sensitive to criticism.

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