Kate Ogg: Mom Hug Revives Dead Baby

Kate Ogg: Mom Hug Revives Dead Baby – It sounds like something straight out of “Harry Potter.” An Australian woman, Kate Ogg went to hug her newborn son that had been pronounced dead after doctors were unable to resuscitate the infant, when the baby started breathing again. The baby is now five months old and is completely healthy. Kate appeared on the “Today” show to talk about her experience, and what she thought it meant.

Ogg said that she knew her babies were in danger when she gave birth after only 27 weeks of pregnancy. She gave birth to twins, and Emily, the daughter, survived the premature pregnancy. However, Jamie was unable to survive. Doctors tried to get him to breathe, but after 20 minutes of attempts he was pronounced dead.

After his death, Kate was given the baby, and she held him tightly to her chest. She said that she only held the baby so that they could get to know him a bit before they said goodbye. After five minutes of holding the baby, Jamie started to move slightly. It shocked the Ogg’s at first, and they chalked it up to after-death twitches. However, soon his movements became more pronounced, and they realized that their son was actually alive.

When their son opened his eyes, the couple said that they were just happy to see his eyes before he passed away. However, he never closed his eyes, and went on to live. It is an interesting story, and doctors have not been able to explain exactly how the boy was able to live, even though he did not breathe for 20 minutes.

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