Parents vs Sex Education Program at Helena School Board

Parents vs Sex Education Program at Helena School Board – A sex education curriculum proposed in Helena, Montana, public schools is creating quite a stir.
The program which educates kids about intercourse and gay sex to first graders has been re-examined to see if changes need to be made. A horde of angry parents demanded that the school change the way that it educates children on sex.

The school trustees were swamped at a hearing with hundreds of adults and individuals in the community. They asked that the school board take a second look at the way that they teach sex education. Many parents were angry, but others were worried that children would only pick up pieces of the curriculum and would not have a good idea about sex. The plan would teach first graders about same gender relationships, and would also teach fifth graders about vaginal, oral, and anal penetration.

High school students would also learn about erotic art, while kindergartners would receive a more in depth look at anatomy.

“They made this more controversial by adding in all this stuff like same-gender relationships to small children, teaching body parts to kindergartners, and teaching erotic art to ninth through 12th-graders,” said one parent with five kids in the school district.

Supporters have said that the change in the way that the program is taught would teach them science-based information that they can count on for the rest of their lives. It will be interesting to see how the sides resolve the issue, and how the curriculum would look after it is adjusted.

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