Roberto Alomar HIV Positive Says Wife Maria Del Pilar Rivera Alomar

Roberto Alomar HIV Positive Says Wife Maria Del Pilar Rivera Alomar – Roberto Alomar had a very controversial MLB career that included spitting in the face of an umpire and it appears that the drama is not yet over.Now, his wife claims that Roberto Alomar has HIV and that he had unprotected sex with her, even when he knew that he had contracted HIV. The incident, if found to be true, could potentially lead to criminal charges against Alomar, who has been left out of the Hall of Fame because of his actions on the field.

Maria Del Pilar Rivera claims that Alomar knew that he had HIV prior to his first sexual contact with her. It is not the first claim that has been made against him. A former girlfriend, Ilya Dall, also filed a lawsuit against Alomar alleging that he also had unprotected sex with her while HIV positive over the course of four years. Dall asked for $15 million from Alomar, and the case was eventually settled outside of court last May.

In this case, his current wife, Rivera, who was only his girlfriend at the time, defended him and claimed that the lawsuit against him was a lie. It is not clear when his current wife decided that he had been lying to her instead all along, but it is clear that she has indeed changed her mind since that time.

Alomar was one of the best players of the 1990s, making it to 12 consecutive All-Star games, and winning two World Series with the Toronto Blue Jays. He would be a shoe in for the Hall of Fame if it were not for his troubles, both on and off the field.

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