Telaprevir :Vertex Success In Major Hepatitis Drug Study

Vertex has reported success in a recent study regarding Hepatitis. The study, which is a supplement to the larger studies that were intended to help support Telaprevir’s approval, showed that there was no benefit in extend treatment to 48 weeks from 24 weeks in many patients.

The results are important because they improve the sustained viral response, which is essentially a cure for liver disease. Liver disease is ultimately what shortens the life of most patients who suffer from Hepatitis.

Shares for the company fell more than 2% to $26.14 on a down day in the market. However, the company has seen their shares rise as much as 11% since late July, and it appears that they will be enjoying success in the coming months as well.

Hepatitis C is a blood-transmitted virus that causes the liver to become inflamed and can lead to cirrhosis, cancer, and even liver failure. There are currently a number of different therapies that normally involve pills and some sort of injection.

In the latest study, the 540 infected individuals who were infected with the genotype 1 strain of the virus, which is most common in the United States and Europe, showed some promise. The trial is just a small part of a larger study on the subject but the results do appear to be promising. It will be interesting to see how these reports one day change the way that we deal medically with the virus.

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