Thomas Beatie Pregnant Man Gives Birth to Baby Number 3

Pregnant Man Third Child

Thomas Beatie, best known as the “pregnant man”, has given birth for the third time to a baby boy, his second son.

Beatie first came to light in 2008, where he announced he was pregnant after living as a transgendered man for ten years. Despite consistent use of testosterone under doctor’s supervision, he beat the odds and was able to complete the pregnancy.

Now, with his third, his son has been described as big, healthy, and the family is happy to meet their new addition to the Beatie clan.

There is no word yet over whether or not he and his wife are planning on any more youngsters, but the physical possibility is there.

As a transgendered man, Beatie chose to have his chest sculpted, but otherwise left his genitals, originally female, intact. He also chose to keep his reproductive organs, as well, as his wife was unable to have children after a hysterectomy.

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