Toyota Recall October 2010

Toyota Recall October 2010 – Toyota have announced today that they will be recalling up to one point five million vehicles world-wide because of a brake fluid leak that will gradually affect the performance of the car. The car maker were hit by another problem earlier this year. This will apparently fix the problem that affects the vehicles.

The vehicles are being recalled in America and Japan, there will also be fifty thousand recalled in Europe, sixty thousand in China, thirty thousand in Australia, and fifty thousand in other Asian nations, according to a statement from Toyota in Japan. The spokesman was quick to add that there have been no accidents that are linked to the fault in the vehicles that are being recalled.

Reportedly, the fault in the Toyota vehicles could cause small amounts of brake fluids to leak from the master cylinder. This would eventually lead to the performance of the brake pedal declining, which could ultimately be dangerous. Toyota have admitted that the recalls could possibly damage their reputation as a quality car maker. However, if the faults were to be left unfixed then there is every chance that their reputation would be damaged in a worse manner.

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