Tyler Clementi Video – Rutgers Student Suicide Still Mysterious

Tyler Clementi Video – Rutgers Student Suicide Still Mysterious – In the wake of Tyler Clementi’s suicide, many are wondering why he chose to take his own life after he jumped from a New York City bridge. He had asked his roommate to allow him to have the dorm room until midnight. His roommate complied with the request, but left his webcam running. The cam live streamed the events inside the dorm room for everyone to watch. In the video, Tyler Clementi was caught having a homosexual encounter with a male friend. Sure, he was the victim of bullying, but his sexuality was not exactly a mystery around the school.

Some had speculated that perhaps the kid was having trouble facing his parents and admitting the fact that he was gay, but recent information suggests that perhaps his parents were already aware of the fact that he was homosexual. It certainly was a stressful situation, but did I really require him to jump off of a bridge? Was the embarrassment that much?

On the same day that the Clementi story was released, a story regarding Seth Walsh, a gay 13 year old boy was also released. He had been tormented by bullies at school who had picked on him for being gay, even though he was not even out of the closet at that time. He eventually told his parents, and then attempted to hang himself later that same day. He died several days later from complications that were caused by the attempted hanging.

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