U.S. Hispanics And HIV Risk Study

According to study results that were recently released, one in thirty six Hispanic men, and one in one hundred and six Hispanic women are at risk of being diagnosed as HIV positive in their life time. According to the study, which was released on Thursday, the overall risk of being diagnosed as HIV positive is one in fifty two if you are Hispanic. According to the study results, the risk of being diagnosed as HIV positive is almost three times higher for Hispanic males than white males, and five times higher for Hispanic females than white females.

When the results of the study were unveiled there were also suggestions that were released in order to help Hispanics lower the risk of being diagnosed as HIV positive. Of course, the main thing that was suggested was to ensure that all screenings are attended to and that all treatments are accessible. There were other suggestions that were made along with the study too.

Whilst the results may be worrying to some, it is not to say that there are not ways of ensuring that the risk of contracting the HIV virus which causes AIDS is minimized. For example, there are many hygiene related things that could minimize the risk greatly. Although there are many people who will not take notice of the information provided from the study, it is important for everyone to take notie and try to implement the advice given.

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