William Hamman: Fake Doctor Duped Hospital For 15 Years

58 year old William Hamman has been exposed as a fake after 15 years of claiming to be a Cardiologist.

Hamman, an airline pilot, claimed millions in research fees, grants and salaries in the time he claimed to be a fully-fledged physician.

However, a routine background check recently exposed him to be a fraud.
He aroused suspicion in the hospital he worked at because he had never applied to treat any patients.
He trained doctors to communicate with each other during medical emergencies.

The American College of Cardiology, America’s most prestigious group of physicians, awarded him a $250,000 contract in order to carry out the training. ‘I’m sure his life is all turned upside-down now,’ said Dr. Douglas Weaver of Hamman. Dr. Weaver was president of the ACC two years ago.

Cheryl Roland, Western Michigan University spokeswoman said that Hamman’s airline and simulation training skills were perfect.
Ironically enough, his credentials within the airline field were more than adequate for him to carry out the training he was doing. “He did not need an MD or PhD to conduct the research he did at WMU,’ said Roland.

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