Women On Placebo Improved – Sex Pill Not Needed?

Women On Placebo Improved – Sex Pill Not Needed? – Researchers have seen a surprise in a recent study. Men have been taking the little blue pill for years in order to boost their libido. Now a new study shows that women can do the same. In a recent study, 200 women with sexual dysfunctions were tested. A certain percentage of the women were given placebo pills, and those women that were given the placebo saw great improvement in their sex drive. This means that the results that they felt from the pill were all in their head. They believed that the pill was working, which forced it to work.

Medical surveys have shown that low sex drive affects 40 percent of the women in the United States, and this research shows that there may be hope on the horizon. Most people are not aware of the level of sexual dysfunction in the United States, and women have been looking for a pill that will help them to get in the mood.

Medical professionals have encouraged women to speak with their doctor about their concerns. So far, researchers have not released information regarding how well the actual pill they were studying performed.
It will be interesting to see if the strange findings garner increased attention to the subject. Although the study was small, it is clear that there is work to be done on the subject of sexual dysfunction, and that women are ready for their own version of the popular male libido booster.

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