ACT Stem Cell Therapy FDA Approved

ACT Stem Cell Therapy FDA Approved – A recent scientific development will allow a stem cell company by the name of Advanced Cell Technology to test embryonic stem cells on patients that have a rare condition which often leads to complete blindness. It is definitely a stepping stone in the treatment of a disease which many regard as being long, drawn out, and painful.

Even though ACT has suffered through a lot of financial problems as of recently, a trial has been approved for 12 different patients who each have Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy. This historical decision will make ACT only the second company to ever test stem cells on human beings.

ACT said that they have been forced to hang on through the tough financial times until they were able to finally get the small trial approved.

The company filed the drug application with the FDA to get the trials started and it worked. This disease which the stem cells will be treating for affects around 30,000 people nationwide and would be a great help to those who are in need of a way of getting relief from the often painful symptoms. Some of the various symptoms from the disease include blindness as well as a number of other things that researchers and scientists are hoping to cure with this new drug trial.

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