Airport Full Body Scanners: Quite Safe

Airport Full Body Scanners: Quite Safe – Experts claim that there is just about as big a chance of a full body scanner at an airport resulting in death as a terrorist bomber killing hundreds of people in an airport.

Although there has been a lot of concern raised by both politicians and individuals who have been exposed to the TSA’s recent security measures, those who supply the machines say that they are perfectly safe.

Although the government has acknowledged the fact that there is a very remote risk of cancer from going into one of these machines, they say that it is so small that it is a risk they are willing to take.

Government officials claim that the dose of radiation from the full body scanners in airports is so low that it doesn’t really matter; however there are some who say that over time it could become a significant problem for some people who travel quite frequently.

Since they have been implemented at dozens of airports around the country, there have been a number of people refusing to get in them and instead opting for an invasive pat down which has drawn the same sort of controversy because of the nature of how they are conducted.

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