600,000 Passive Smoking Related Deaths Worldwide

600,000 Passive Smoking Related Deaths Worldwide – One of the first comprehensive international studies in passive smoking has uncovered some interesting and somewhat disturbing results. According to the data that was gathered, a total of 600,000 deaths result from passive smoking every single year.

A third of the people who are killed by it internationally are children, who are usually exposed to it in their home.

Passive smoking, otherwise known as “second-hand smoking” was thought to be relatively harmless by many, but that is a myth which has been quickly dispelled. The World Health Organization conducted the study in 192 different countries.

The total conclusion of the study was that regular passive smoking can lead to serious long term damages to the lungs which can be a contributing factor in conditions like SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) as well as asthma and pneumonia.

The WHO says that this study will better help them to understand the role that tobacco plays in each country’s society in terms of the toll it is taking on its youth and other citizens. There is no doubt that the findings are disturbing for everyone who has read them, prompting many discussions from health officials all across the world.

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