Four Loko Dec. 13 Nationwide Ban

Four Loko Dec. 13 Nationwide Ban – By December fourth the alcoholic caffeinated drink called “Four Loko” that has attracted so much popularity as well as controversy will be officially taken off the shelves nationwide by mid December on the 13th.

Thanks to a number of people across the country that have been rallying against the drink, it has been quickly disappearing off shelves in multiple states. A few of the places in the U.S that have banned it outright are Michigan, New York, and Rhode Island.

Even many convenience store owners are not supporting the drink or having it shipped to their stores because of what it could mean for young drinkers due to the caffeine put in it.

Although Four Loko had agreed to remove the caffeine from their drinks, apparently that wasn’t good enough for those who just wanted it gone.

Warning letters were sent out to manufacturers of the drink, telling them that their product has to be off the shelves around the country by December 13th or else they will face the consequences. The controversy with the drink first started when there began a number of hospitalizations related to college students who were consuming the caffeine alcoholic drink to stay away for purposes of partying, ultimately leading to its end in the U.S market.

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