Synthetic Marijuana: US Chemicals Ban

Synthetic Marijuana: US Chemicals Ban – A ban on the use of five different chemicals which are used in synthetic marijuana has been officially started by the U.S government. The ban is the result of a sweeping popularity with teens and young adults who are buying up the chemicals online in large numbers.

When it attracted the attention of the federal government, plans to ban it immediately started. Officials say that there are many herbal products which are supposed to be able to deliver a legal high and they are becoming more and more popular.

The chemicals to use these temporarily legal versions of marijuana could get banned if the right legislation passes and put into the same category as drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

This ban is also the result of the DEA cracking down on synthetic versions of marijuana which are supposed to provide a legal high which people can enjoy without fear of being persecuted.

The 30 day process which will effectively ban the chemicals will go into effect immediately, making the pot blends illegal to buy online and smoke.

The makers of these synthetic marijuana blends have indicated that if the ban does go through, they will find other chemicals to use that are not yet outlawed.

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