Artificial Pancreas Offer Hope To Some Pregnant Women

Pregnant women who have insulin-dependent diabetes will be glad to know that they may be able to reduce the number of health risks to the fetus by wearing what is essentially an artificial pancreas.

A number of tests have revealed that if worn by pregnant woman it has been shown to reduce and prevent certain complications which can result from diabetic mothers, sometimes turning fatal. Type 1 diabetes is quite the serious and condition and definitely not something to be taken lightly doctors say.

It is important for pregnant women who have this condition to do everything in their power to make sure they are taken care of, including wearing the artificial pancreas which may indeed help reduce certain complications.

The tests have revealed that it can help to keep the blood sugar levels of these women under control and prevent some complications which could prove to be fatal upon giving birth.

Children who are born from women who have type 1 diabetes are five times more likely to be stillborn and are three times more likely than most other babies to die within the first few months of life.

There is also a significantly higher risk for physical deformities which is why doctors recommend that they wear the artificial pancreas device.

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