Autism Risk Linked To Freeways Proximity

A recent study has revealed a somewhat bizarre fact: Mothers who live close to freeways are twice as likely to give birth to children who have problems with autism. Researchers announced their findings on Thursday.

Apparently there are certain environmental factors which have a significant impact on the child, leading to a dramatically increased risk of autism.

Researchers made it clear that they are not stating that exposure to traffic or pollution directly causes autism, but they could be contributing factors.

One of the researchers who had a hand in the study works at the Saban Research Institute of Children’s Hospital which is located in Los Angeles.

The revolutionary study involved a total of nearly 600 children, some of which had autism and some of which did not. Visit:

After months of testing and putting together data, it is clear that areas where there are nearby freeways give children the best chance of developing autism at an early age.

Each of the families that were involved in the study were interviewed by researchers personally in order to assess their qualifications, ultimately leading to the results they have announced to the public.

Although it is currently unclear now, there is an obvious correlation between freeway location and the development of autism.

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