Zaps Tongue Sleep Apnea “Pacemaker” Medical System

There may be a new way to treat sleep apnea, and although it might sound like science fiction it has a real possibility of working from those who suffer from this condition.

Scientists have designed a new device that will deliver small zaps to the tongue during sleep so that the throat muscles relax as a result and do not collapse which can lead to breathing problems which a number of people have.

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that many people have been researching for years, trying to find some sort of device or medication that could work.

Those who have sleep apnea sometimes suddenly wake up after not being able to breathe for as long as 30 seconds.

If breathing is stopped for a long enough period of time, there can be serious damage done that cannot be reversed.

Medical Systems is responsible for this new breakthrough that could prove to be just what millions of people all over the world need.

Although so far it is in the developmental stages, it will be out on the market for people to purchase eventually.

There are a number of people with this condition who are excited about what it could mean for them on daily basis.

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