Bronx Nursing Homes Fined

There were four different nursing homes in the Bronx that were hit with rather hefty fines after it was discovered that the facilities offered only sub-standard care, with one home allowing a man with epilepsy to simply wonder around off the grounds.

The Bronx Center for Rehabilitation was fined a total of $36,450 for a complete failure to supervise those people they were in charge of and responsible for.

When the man who wandered off the grounds made it to his home with beer in-hand, his wife was extremely upset that he had been allowed to simply leave.

All of the employees in these facilities have been completely retained, including the nurses and receptionists. The Daily News released pictures of multiple people who were in danger of wandering away or becoming injured in some way.

The investigation into these homes brought to light a serious deficit in the standard of care that the elderly get in the area with nursing homes that do not have properly trained staff members.

After the thousands of dollars in fines were handed out, most of the places that were investigated pledged to shape up when it comes to taking care of their elderly patients.

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