Kroger Pet Foods Recall 2010

Kroger has recently announced that it has decided to recall certain packages of dog/cat foods at specific locations across the country because of the potential health risks that they could pose to pets.

The Pet Pride cat food along with Seafood Cat Food and Pet Pride Kitten Formula as well as a variety of other brands have been officially taken off the shelves for thorough inspection. The expiration dates for these cat and dog foods were set for October 23rd and they have been removed from certain Kroger locations because of possible health risks that have recently come to light.

The main reason that the grocery store chain recalled the food was because it may contain aflatoxin, a fungal carcinogen that is sometimes found in corn and could cause quite a few different health problems for animals that ingest it.

The company is using an efficient recall notification system to let everyone who may have purchased the food to not give it to their pets.

Some of the different states that the recall applies to include Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Kroger is treating the recall very seriously and hopes to reach as many customers as possible with their message.

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