Contaminated Tap Water – Hexavalent Chromium ‘Erin Brockovich’ Chemical Found In 31 U.S. Cities

A report which was recently released by the Environmental Working Group stated that water in at least 31 different U.S cities could be significantly contaminated with bacteria that could mean harmful side-effects if ingested on a regular basis.

It has been long debated whether bottled water is cleaner and better for you than unfiltered tap water; however this most recent report may have more people heading to the store for bottled water.

The president of the environmental group that discovered the contaminants told of how unsafe the water in these cities across the country could be and that the government needs to investigate it immediately.

The Environmental Protection Agency has officially classified the cotangent found in the water as carcinogenic and therefore harmful for humans if it is inhaled or ingested.

The EPA has a standard for the amount of chromium that appears in water because too much can be extremely dangerous.

Since Erin Brockovich first discovered seriously contaminated water in a Californian town in 1996 there have been a number of regulations put in place regarding standards for drinking water in the U.S.

It is likely that the findings of the Environmental Working Group will prompt an investigation of the government to see just how bad the situation really is.

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