Echinacea For The Common Cold: Treatment Doesn’t Help

A recent study which is the largest yet on Echinacea stated that the supplement really didn’t have any significant benefits when it came to helping with the common cold. For years people have been told that doing things like taking vitamin C to certain vaccinations can protect against colds, but an increasing number of health officials are saying that there is no definitive “cure”, except to let it take its natural course.

Researchers have determined that this supplement just isn’t worth spending your money on and recommended that people do not use it if they begin to experience cold-like symptoms.

One of the experts who were involved in the study is Dr. Bruce Barrett from the University
of Wisconsin.

He agreed with the findings that Echinacea doesn’t really help much with cold symptoms like congestion and a buildup of mucous in the airways; although he concedes that the symptoms can be annoying – he added that it is important to let it take its course and it will away on its own.

He did say that there are some things that can be done in order to prevent the cold from lasting too long though, such as taking pain relievers and getting plenty of fluids into the body.

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