Bed Bug Infestation NY Campaign

Officials in New York City are looking to stem the recent infestation of bed bugs that has affected one out of every fifteen people within the city this year.

Bed bugs tend to carry a stigma related to poverty or uncleanliness, but as the current infestation is teaching New Yorkers, it can happen anywhere. Office building, upscale apartment, housing projects and even retail clothing stores have all reported a problem with the pesky critters.

Though not dangerous, those who have these parasites will report a great deal of frustration and depression, suffering common welts and an overall feeling of helplessness when trying to get rid of them.

They have been reportedly spreading more rapidly this year than in any other past, and not just in New York. A great deal of U.S cities say the blood-sucking bugs are a common problem.

Many people who have bed bugs will throw out all the items affected, which is an expensive endeavor. Because people of lower incomes cannot afford to replace what they throw out, they often think they have no recourse.

But you can actually get rid of them by vacuuming floors, rugs, and mattresses, then disposing of the bags, or cleaning the canister well. Your clothing, towels, blankets and linens must be washed in hot water, and hiding places like cracks in walls can be cleaned out using a hairdryer.

Once this is done, it is recommended that an exterminator is called to spray for any remaining, and to prevent them from coming back.

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