Cancer Rates Dropping in the U.S.

Cancer Rates Dropping in the U.S. – Probably one of the most satisfying positive news reports we’ve covered in a very long time is that the United States cancer rates are continuing to decline at a very steady rate. Cancer hasn’t just been a problem in the U.S. but it has swept the world and been the #1 cause of death for decades. In Washington D.C. reporters have confirmed the exciting news that cancer rates are on the fall and the American Cancer Society has provided continuous coverage on the drop.

The men in the United States who have died from cancer since 1991 has decreased by 21 percent. Since 1992 the U.S. has had a 12 percent decline in cancer deaths among women. An alarming concern about these declines is what exactly we’re doing right to help prevent cancer. Well the report also concluded that declines in smoking, better treatments with medicine and quicker detection have all played a crucial role in the satisfying news.
The report also covered the future and what we can expect as a country in the years to come. It stated that 1,529,560 cancer cases will likely occur in 2010 (789,620 being men and 739,940 being women) and 569,490 of those cancer patients will die (299,200 men and 270,290 women)
The most common types of deadly cancers are undoubtedly prostate, lung and colorectal cancers. However, breast cancer has always been the most fatal for women.

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