Big Waist (Muffin Top) and Early Death Linked

Many of us have a little bit of a muffin top, or love handles, to put having a guy in a nice way. However, even this little bit of fat could be unhealthy and may cause health problems, doctors have warned.

Even though you may not be obese or overweight, your bulge may be a warning sign for health problems, as studies done have show that people with the biggest waistlines have twice as much chance of premature death as opposed to those with a thinner stomach.

Your body may be normal by the body mass index (BMI), however this is not a sign of health, which is a surprise to many.

What happens, according to studies, is as a person grows older, they muscle turns to fat, which may not actually make a person heavier. However, what this does is changes the shape of the body, putting more pressure on different areas that what is natural and healthy.

“Even if you haven’t had a noticeable weight gain, if you notice your waist size increasing that’s an important sign,” said lead author Eric Jacobs of the American Cancer Society, which funded the study. “It’s time to eat better and start exercising more.”

The study, however, didn’t take into account the drinking or smoking habits of those involved in the research.

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