Salmonella Cat & Dog Food Linked

Salmonella Cat & Dog Food Linked – Tainted pet food has been identified as the source of a salmonella infection, and could potentially affect millions of families, particularly young children, who live in homes where salmonella is not properly stored and handled. Human infections linked to dry pet food were never previously reported prior to 2006, when the first outbreak occurred.

Salmonella enterica causes nearly one and a half million illnesses and at least 300 deaths each year across the nation. The most common source for the infection is usually contaminated food and water, but infection can also spread through other sources, including contact with infected pets and pet food.

It is clear that there will have to be increased regulations on the pet food industry to keep something like this from happening again. More than 23,000 tons of dry dog and cat foods were recalled from over 100 different brands between 2006 and 2008.

Illnesses among young children and infants were associated with feeding pets in the kitchen, and it is recommended that you find some other location to feed your pet in order to avoid the illness. Most of the illnesses that were connected with pets or pet food were related to having a dog in the house. Fewer cases were seen in connection with cats.

Dry pet food is known for having a long shelf life and the disease may have remained in the households after the foods were recalled. If you are worried about the issue, remember to regularly wash your hands after interacting with pets and pet foods.

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