Dutch Woman Admits to Infanticide, 4 Bodies Found

An unnamed 25-year-old woman was arrested last week after a man called police to report a woman who appeared to be pregnant several times over the years, but produced no children.

Upon speaking to the woman, she claimed that she had been pregnant but adopted the children to other families. But police became suspicious after she refused to offer up adoption papers, and after arresting her she broke down and admitted that she had put the babies in suitcases, which she hid in her parent’s home.

When they searched, police found four cases with four babies, but the remains made it hard to tell the cause of death. The causes are currently being investigated prior to charges being filed.

The case is similar to one in France last month, where a woman admitted that she hid eight pregnancies over 17 years from her husband, then killed each one and buried their bodies in the garden. She claimed she did so to avoid speaking to a doctor about contraception.

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