BPA Linked To Low Sperm Count In Chinese Factory Workers

BPA Linked To Low Sperm Count In Chinese Factory Workers – A new study has shown that Chinese factory workers who have been exposed to the plastics chemical BPA have low sperm counts.

There have been more than one study that have questioned the chemical BPA and just two weeks ago Canada published a final order which saw the chemical added to a list of toxic substances. It has not yet been figured out whether or not the low sperm counts also mean reduced fertility.

BPA is a chemical that is used to make strengthened plastics and resin, but what is worrying is that it is found in many different consumer products. For example, it can be found in plastic bottles, metal container linings, and also dental sealant. It is said that the majority of urine samples from American’s show traces of BPA.

Studies that have looked at the effect of BPA in animals have shown that it is linked with not only reproductive problems, but also cancer. This is why the research into the effects of BPA in humans has come about. The latest study involved one hundred and thirty Chinese factory workers who worked in close proximity with the chemical, and eighty eight who weren’t working closely with the chemical.

The men who didn’t handle products with the chemicals contained were found to have the same level of BPA in their urine samples than that of the average American man. Low sperm counts were found in the workers who had been working with the chemical.

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