Nestle Raisinets Recall 2010: Fun-Size Recalls After Allergy Scare

Nestle Raisinets Recall 2010 – The famous Nestle brand has been around for many years now, and they are a popular choice for snacks all over the world. It is true to say that they rarely ever get anything wrong. However, Nestle USA has just issued a voluntary recall of its new fun size raisinets because they could contain peanuts, which could potentially, be life threatening if someone with allergies to nuts were to consume the product without realizing that there is a risk of it containing nuts.

As it stands, there have been three complaints made to Nestle USA so far regarding the products. However it does state on the packet that the product is made in a place where peanuts are processed. This means that it shouldn’t contain nuts, but that there is a chance that they could in some cases. Nestle have contacted the United States Food and Drug Administration, and says that they will fully cooperate with their investigation.

The company has also said that they advise anyone who has a nut allergy not to consume the product. They have also told all customers to call their hotline for a full refund. They added that any remaining packets of the product should be discarded, and not returned to the retailer that the customer purchased them from. It seems as though the company is being very reasonable, and generous enough to offer every single customer a full refund.

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