China Tainted Milk: Infant Girls Growing Breasts?

The Chinese government is currently investigating a company that provides a brand of powdered milk that reportedly is tainted and is blamed for causing little girls to experience puberty prematurely and start to grow breasts at a very young age.

The milk was started just over two years ago, and was later discovered to have been tainted. It killed six infants and left over 300,000 other infants suffering from kidney stones.
Now, China is placing the company under investigation to see exactly what caused the issues.

Three infant girls in the central city of Wuhan and a fourth in the capital city of Beijing have shown signs of premature breast development, according to a number of different media reports in the country.

The tests confirmed that their hormone levels were abnormally high, which some believe may be linked to drinking the infant formula that is produced by Synutra International.

The company has denied the allegations, and has said that “We are completely confident that our products are safe and our quality levels are industry leading.”

It will be interesting to see how this turns out for the company. If their powdered milk is found to cause the premature development of breasts, the company would likely lose their ability to sell the product within China, and would be forced to shut down.

The company was previously embroiled in the tainted milk scare, and this is the second time that they will be investigated on the issue.

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