Chinese Husband Forces 8 Months Pregnant Wife To Abort

Chinese Husband Forces 8 Months Pregnant Wife To Abort – According to a husband in China, his wife was beaten, detained, and forced to have an abortion just four weeks before her due date because of the one child limit. According to the man, his wife was dragged away from her home by officials and detained in a clinic by family planning officials, and then give a drug which would go on to kill her unborn child. Apparently, the family planning officials stated that they were not allowed to have another child because they already had a nine year old daughter.

Most urban couples in China have only been allowed to have one child. This rule has been in place for around thirty years. Apparently, the aim of this rule is to curb population growth and conserve resources that are running out rapidly. If a couple are found to be in breach of the rule then they have their home and job taken away from them, as well as having to pay a huge fine. Reportedly, this particular case is a rare occurrence in China. Of course, forced abortion is totally illegal, but it is said that police and other officials tend to look the other way.

Apparently, victims of forced abortion have now started to speak out about their horrific ordeals through text messages and the internet. China banns forced abortions, so this is something that should not be happening, no matter how rare the occurrence is.

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