Clavicle Fracture: Tony Romo INJURY

Clavicle Fracture: Tony Romo INJURY – It appears that the Cowboys will have to go on with out Tony Romo. Earlier today the quarterback broke his left clavicle during a match lost by his team – the Cowboys were defeated 41-35 in their match against the New York Giants in Dallas.

Fractures of the clavicle are common and mostly benign but in some case surgery will be required.
They mainly occur after a fall on the shoulder, and they often take place in sports such as skiing, cycling and football.

While some of these fractures require a surgical procedure to solve the issue there is a big possibility that after Romo have an MRI, he will simply be asked to remain in convalescence for 6-8 weeks and will be healed by December.

The incident occurred in the second quarter when New York linebacker Michael Boley landed on Romo after a pass to Miles Austin.

Jon Kitna replaced Romo who he had not played a single game this season, had a very a slow start but eventually found his rhythm late in the game and scored two touchdowns.

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