Compartment Syndrome in Oregon Football Team

Three members of a high school football team in Oregon have been diagnosed with compartment syndrome. It is a rare soft tissue condition that causes soreness and swelling of only the triceps. The three were among 18 players who were not feeling well following a recent practice session.
“To have an epidemic like this is very weird,” said Dr. Craig Winkler of Willamette Valley Medical Center in McMinnville.

All of the players reportedly had elevated levels of the enzyme creatine kinase, which is created when the body is injured. High levels of the enzyme can cause kidney failure if they are not properly treated.
There is currently no explanation for the problem. It is sometimes brought on through intense exercising, and can also be caused through the use of certain food supplements and medications. So far doctors have not found a link between any of the cases besides the fact that they are all on the same football team.
“There are only ten case reports of upper extremity, of tricep compartment syndrome in the medical literature. It is exceedingly rare,” said one doctor.

Five of the athletes were treated in the emergency room and went home. The others were admitted to the hospital and were given fluids to maintain hydration and prevent kidney failure. As of today, ten individuals are still being hospitalized for compartment syndrome while an investigation takes place as to why they may have all come down with the issue.

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