Contaminated Butter: Better Surveillance Needed

A study that was recently released indicated that a huge batch of contaminated butter that was found in Texas was the worst that health officials have seen in a long time, possibly the worse case of PBDE ever in the nation’s history.

The contamination is believed to be the direct result of polybrominated diphenyl, which was found in the packaging of the food. Those who researched the contamination found that one out of ten packages of butter sold in stores inside Dallas were contaminated, posing a serious health risk to those who consume it.

PBDE is commonly used in things like textiles, cable insulation, and electronics, but can be extremely dangerous when it makes its way into foods like butter or anything else for that matter. The levels of PBDE in the wrapper alone were almost sixteen times higher than that in the actual butter.

What concerned health officials so much was the high level of the PBDE which posed a serious health risk and resulted in a massive recall.

The findings of this recent contamination point to the need for a much better quality regulatory system when it comes to inspecting food that goes on the shelves of grocery stores all over the country.

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