Daily Drug Effective Against HIV Infection

Daily Drug Effective Against HIV Infection – A new study found that a single pill taken daily could lower the risk of an HIV-related infection by as much as 73 percent, a truly groundbreaking discovery in the battle against a virus which takes millions of lives each year around the world.

Those who participated in the study and took the medication every single day are the ones who deserve the highest praise, making the results possible and possibly providing the world with a new way to treat HIV so it does not mutate into AIDS.

With the 2,499 people who participated in the study, it found that 44 percent experienced a significant response to the drug.

The effects were only found in those who took the drug each day though. Results of the study were published in the New England Journal of Medicine and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided the funding which made it possible in the first place.

Doctors and scientists are already calling the discoveries made in this study a very important breakthrough in HIV treatment medicine, which if used daily could prevent infections from becoming a problem for those who have it. This study has been going on for three years and finally yielded the results that people around the world were hoping for.

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