Dominique Cottrez:French Woman Suffocates 8 Newborns

In a small village near Lille, called Villers-au-Tertre the bones of two infants were discovered when the owners of the house excavated their yard to put in a swimming pool. Dominique Cottrez, who lived with her parents, admitted that she killed eight of her ten infants by suffocation.

Her husband, Peirre-Marrie Cottrez, was released from jail after she admitted that her heavy frame hid the fact that she was pregnant from family and friends.

She said that she acted alone in the murders.There have been a number of similar cases in France in recent years, and experts believe that those that are doing the killing are in denial that they are pregnant, and refuse to believe that it is true. This prompts women to kill their kids after they are born.

The condition is called “denial of pregnancy,” and involves women who are unaware that they are pregnant, or refuse to believe that they are pregnant.

The condition affects women who are in a psychological conflict. Cottrez says that she does not have the condition, and that due to her weight, she had a hard time delivering the first child, and did not want any more children.

She also said that he was not comfortable seeking medical professionals for birth control advice. The couple currently has two full grown adult daughters who have yet to comment on this wild story.

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