Alcohol Helps Arthritis Symptoms?

Yet another benefit has been found to show the positives of moderate alcohol consumption, which has been found to improve health in a number of ways.

Previously, a study had been conducted which shows those who had regular – but moderate – alcoholic drinks were significantly less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis than those who abstained.

This most recent study, conducted by researchers at the University of Sheffield in England, UK, shows a link to the lessening of symptoms in people who already have the disease, and is the first to suggest it.

According to the results of the study – which focused on more than 830 with the disease, and more than a hundred without – those who consumed more than 10 alcoholic drinks per month saw a 20 – 30% decrease in the severe symptoms they have been experiencing before.

This was caused by less inflammation and damage to the joints, eliminating much of the pain, and giving them more flexibility and mobility.

The researchers involved have been clear on the fact this is only the first study on the issue, and that more evidence is needed before anything can be said for sure.

However, the mounting evidence of the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption are being shown all across the board, with people reporting more heart health, less risk of diabetes, weight management, lower blood pressure, and maybe even a reduction in the risk of cancers.

The study have been published in medical journal Rheumatology.

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