Drew Carey Weight Loss:Diabetes Cured?

Drew Carey’s weight loss has drastically improved his health on many fronts. Previously, the actor suffered from diabetes. Losing the weight helped curb his diabetes, and he said in one interview yesterday that he no longer has to take any medication for the condition. Drew certainly looks better, and has slimmed down a considerable amount.

Carey claims that he was able to get in shape by completely cutting carbs out of his diet, and starting to work out, doing mostly cardio workouts on a daily basis. It is a pretty simple equation that has helped many Americans to lose weight.

“I was tired of being fat on TV,” Drew said when he debuted his new look.
It is true that individuals who are overweight and have type 2 diabetes can put an end to their condition if they lose a significant amount of weight. It lowers your blood sugar, and improves your overall health. In the best case scenario, like in Drew’s case, you may not need to take medication for the condition anymore.

It is important that if you have diabetes and are working on a weight loss program that you consult your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet. It is important that your blood sugar, insulin and diabetes medications are monitored and geared toward protecting you during your period of weight loss.

Carey reportedly went from size 44 pants, down to a size 33-34. He lost over 80 pounds over the course of just a few months.

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