Egg Recall 2010 Ohio

Egg Recall 2010 Ohio – In a recent update of the Cal-Maine egg recall there have been 120 dozen shell eggs that are considered potentially dangerous and at-risk for contamination of Salmonella. This brings the total eggs contaminated with this type of bacteria to around 300,000. Some of the contaminated eggs which were previously sold in grocery stores all over the country were put on the shelves under names like Sun Valley, James Farm, and Sunny Meadow. Their sell-by dates went from November 7th to November 24th and there have been a number of reported Salmonella cases since.

It has been reported that Cal-Maine purchased the eggs from a company called Ohio Fresh which is located in the city of Croton, Ohio. They were distributed to a number of states across the country, among them California, Kansas, and Illinois. On November 5th Ohio Fresh became aware of the fact that the eggs which where distributed did in fact contain Salmonella. Several Iowa egg producers have been linked to Ohio Fresh in the midst of the giant egg recall which is among the largest in history, triggering thousands of cases of Salmonella poisoning in those who have consumed the tainted eggs. So far no poisoning cases have been linked to the most recent recall of eggs.

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