Cholera Hits Haitian Capital: 73 Cases In Port-au-Prince

Cholera Hits Haitian Capital: 73 Cases In Port-au-Prince – So far there have been a total of 73 cases of cholera identified and isolated in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital city. Although the sudden outbreak is not yet being considered an epidemic, it is still a major health concern, according to the Health Ministry chief of staff. The total of all cholera cases in hospitals all across Haiti totals 9,000. Some of the major fears amidst the outbreak are that the cholera could spread into survival camps and affect those who have been displaced by the earthquake back in January.

The source of the cholera outbreak is believed to be Hurricane Tomas, which caused major flooding of the Artibonite River. Thousands of Haitians had their homes damaged or destroyed and there were over a dozen people who were killed. Health officials on Haiti plan on monitoring the situation closely to make sure it does not get too out of control. If necessary they are prepared to announce a full-scale emergency.

Health officials do believe that an epidemic is on the horizon and they are doing everything possible to prepare for it.So far the death toll from cholera-related illnesses is over 500 and growing, suggesting that it could become much worse in the coming weeks.

You can call (800) REDCROSS (800-257-7575) to find out how you can help the earthquake stricken island.

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