Twinkies Diet: Mark Haub Loses 27 Pounds Eating Junk Food

Twinkies Diet: Mark Haub Loses 27 Pounds Eating Junk Food – Claiming that counting calories is the true secret to weight loss, a nutrition professor from Kansas State University named Mark Haub set out on a diet consisting completely of junk foods such as Doritos, Twinkies, Oreos, and various other snack foods with no real nutritious value at all for several weeks. Mark Haub claims that he was able to lose weight by keeping his total calorie count below the 1,800 mark in an effort to prove that it is not what you eat but rather how much that affects a person’s weight. He says that he was tried numerous “fad” diets and that this one had him feeling good by the third day in.

Haub logged his progress on his Facebook profile page after a 10 week stretch of being on the junk food diet. The purpose of his experiment is to essentially determine whether or not traditional junk foods can do the opposite of what most people think they are responsible for with regards to obesity and declining health. Haub did not follow a strict diet of junk food though, making room for the occasional vegetable as well as multivitamins. While he believes the results speak for themselves, he is still conflicted as to how he feels about such eating habits.

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