Google Doodle For X-Ray Inventor

Google Doodle For X-Ray Inventor – In the past there have been many different doodles on Google’s front page, dedicated to a number of people or ideas some of them even became addictive like the Pac Man game. Recently Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, the person credited with being first man to discover X-rays, has been added to that list. Although Google has memorialized historical people in the past on its front page, there is something which makes the story about this particular person unique: he did not discover x-rays on purpose. Rontgen was doing a completely different study at the time, which involved observing electric currents.

The initial discovery came when he found that it was possible to take such an image when the discharge tube he was using to studying electric currents was completely closed and all light was blocked out. He was officially awarded a Nobel Prize in 1901 for this accidental discovery which took place on November 8th, 1985. Up until he took an actual X-ray image of his wife’s hand, Rontgen’s discovery was merely a theory. When he took the X-ray he discovered the ability to see the bones underneath the skin, which a landmark discovery that lead to the development of numerous sophisticated machines which are a necessary aspect of healthcare around the world.

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