Drowsy Drivers Involved In One In 6 Fatal Crashes

Drowsy Drivers Involved In One In 6 Fatal Crashes – While most people think that being intoxicated while driving is the most destructive thing someone can do behind the wheel, being drowsy is also a significant impairment as well. A recent survey which was done by AAA suggests that over 40 percent of drivers who were surveyed have fallen asleep at the wheel before. There are certain precautions which cities take to ensure that drivers know they are in danger when falling asleep, such as rumble strips that are able to wake up a driver who has nodded off at the wheel. Studies like this one suggest that it is something that is all too common and needs to be prevented more effectively.

New vehicles like the Mercedes Benz have come out with ways to keep drivers on track at all times with a multi-point check system which corrects minor variations in driving which appear to be erratic or unusual. There have been numerous stories of drowsy drivers causing accidents and even fatalities because they could not stay awake at the wheel. Multiple car manufacturers have pledged to help lessen these incidents on the road if at all possible with new technology that promises to keep drivers awake and alert.

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